UNICO (UNIting COmmunities in Georgia, INC) is a 501 (c) (3)  Non-Profit organization.

We want to let all the public (and our current students) know of our new class schedule.

Queremos darle a saber a todo el publico en general (y a nuestros estudiantes actuales) de nuestro nuevo horario de clases.

En las Ma├▒anas (Mornings) Lunes y Miercoles de:              8:00 a 9:30 am

En las Noches (Evenings) Lunes, Miercoles y Jueves de:   8:00 a 10:00 pm

Para mayor iinformacion favor de comunicarse por Texto o llamando a Fidel Gomez (Director Ejecutivo) 770-773-6185. 

We have a Board of 13 Directors, and many volunteers who help us to continue helping others to learn new skills and to increase their self esteem, while we do the same by tutoring them on our fields of expertise as well as by bringging experts to help us acquire new abilities and skills to increase our fields of expertise so we can, in exchange, share them with those who come to us looking for a tutor to help them on their learning quest.   

We incorporated on November of 2007, and since then we have been dedicated to helping all who come to us looking either for English Tutoring, Citizenship classes, Basic computer training, Home buyer's training, Credit Bulding Semminars, and if they are looking for training on an area that we can not help them with, we gladly refer them to another Non-profit or to a Proffesional on that area.

We bring attorneys to give semminars on many topics, like the semminar we held in Canton on August to notify the DREAMERS about the process to apply for the newly approved directive of deffered action and on how to get a permit to work and acquire a Social Security to become productive members of our society.


 "We want to give special thanks to the program; Self-Development of People, of the National Presbiterian Church, for their financial support through a grant they gave us in 2011-2012, without their support if wouldn't have been possible to get a lot of the trainning for UNICO members and volunteers".